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Dr. Barbara Stone:  Ausbildung zum Souldetective

Das ist eine Info über die Ausbildung zum Souldetective von
Dr. Barbara Stone, die ich in Deutschland organisiere.
Termine sind vom April 18--26, 2015, siehe unten.
bei Interesse bitte mich anrufen oder mailen.
0211 432942
oder Barbara Stone direkt.

Ich kann diese Ausbildung sehr empfehlen, habe Barbara bei der ACEP Konferenz kennengelernt und ihren Workshop miterlebt. Sehr eindrucksvoll für mich gewesen.
Und wir sind ins Gepräch gekommen und auf einmal war die Idee da, dass sie nach Deutschland kommt.
Ich habe mich für Düsseldorf als Seminarort entschieden Hier kenne ich mich aus. Es wird zeitnah-konsekutiv übersetzt.
Das Tagungshotel steht noch nicht fest.

Soul Detective Level One: Healing Past Life Trauma

Muscle testing, Centering Techniques, Energy Tapping, Healing Past Life Trauma

Soul Detective Level Two

Releasing vows of poverty, Clearing Curses and Hexes, Recovering lost soul fragments, Finding Root Cause, Building Customized Treatments.

Soul Detective Level Three

Crossing Earthbound spirits, Healing Ancestral Wounds, Detrimental Energy Protocol, Djinn Protocol, Soul Origin, ET Implant Protocol, Soul Detective Checklist.

Hier sind die Daten:

Soul Detective Trainings

Level One: Healing Past Life Trauma,
Muscle Testing and Centering

January 23-24, 2015 Tampa Bay area, FL
March 20-21, 2015 Raleigh, NC
April 21-23., 2015 Germany


Level Two: Energetic Cords, Vows, Soul Loss, Substance Sensitivities, Curses and Hexes

January 25-26, 2015 Tampa Bay area, FL
March 22-23, 2015 Raleigh, NC
April 24-26, 2015 Germany


 Level One ca 375 EURO -  3 Tage
 Level Two ca 375 EURO -  3 Tage

Earlybird discounts if tuition in full is received two weeks before class:
$30 ca 25 EURO each for Levels 1 and 2.

Additional $25 ca 20 EURO discount if taking Levels 1 and 2 together and another $25 ca 20 EURO if signing up for all three


Dr. Barbara Stone’s Soul Detective® protocols help energy practitioners resolve the spiritual aspects of emotional problems so their clients can regain autonomy and fulfill their soul’s mission.
Dr. Stone is a Professor at Energy Medicine University, a bilingual psychotherapist, workshop presenter and an ACEP Certification Consultant. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Books by Dr. Stone
Her latest release Transforming Fear into Gold, also available in Kindle Version, presents the Soul Detective Detrimental Energy Protocol.

Soul Detective protocols for healing past life trauma and helping earthbound spirits heal and cross into the Light are covered in Dr. Stone’s book Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present.

Also available in the Kindle Version.


We have so many therapeutic skills, and yet sometimes a client just doesn’t get better no matter what we do. It’s almost uncanny how some people seem caught in a chain of bad luck and get sucked into self-destructive behaviors—and we feel helpless as we watch their lives come crashing down around them.

Soul Detective trainings give a practitioner tools to see behind these patterns and step-by-step protocols to unravel and heal the spiritual aspects behind these phenomena—ancestral wounds, earthbound spirits, past life trauma, curses and hexes, and detrimental programming. You can use all the trauma healing methods you know within the Soul Detective framework to enhance your effectiveness in transforming these downward spirals. Soul Detective work comes in three levels of training, a certification program, and a teacher training program.


This approach is for therapists and energy practitioners whose clients have been stuck in the underworld of energetic invasion, soul loss, and emotional bondage and who are not satisfied with surface treatment—practitioners who are willing to go into the depths of human depravity and learn tools to transform their own vicarious traumatization, to shift despair into hope, and to break the chains of darkness, illuminate the soul, and find and live out one’s purpose. It is not for everyone, as facing the shadow side of humanity requires strength, courage, and a commitment to heal your own wounds, but the absolute joy of standing in the fullness of one's True Self is worth it!



For details of each workshop and registration see or email

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